PVC Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains offer a wide range of physical qualities as a partition material. It has good transparency, highly flexible, prevents loss of temperature and reduces sound / noise pollution.

Typical Applications:
  • Industrial doors
  • Flexible partitions
  • Welding booths
  • Cold and clean rooms
  • Heavy duty traffic doors or industrial vehicles and handling equipment
  • Doorway for refrigerated trucks
  • Weather and impact protection
Various Grades and Colors:
  • Polar Grade (for freezer applications)
  • Double Ribbed Surface
  • Anti-Insect Yellow
  • Anti-Static Green
  • Welding Grade Black
  • Translucent Clear
  • Opaque White
  • Provides safety with its high visibility
  • Maintains clealiness by blocking dust and debris
  • Conserves energy by maintaining ambient temperature

Cold storage, warehouses, factories, kitchens, area dividers, refrigerated delivery vans, etc.

PVC Strip Curtains:

2mm x 200mm W x 50M L
2mm x 300mm W x 50M L
3mm x 200mm W x 50M L
3mm x 200mm W x 50M L

PVC Wide Rolls:

0.75mm x 1220mm W x 25M L
1-3mm x 1000mm W x 30M L

Grades: Regular, Polar (Freezer) or Anti-static
Surface: Plain, Double rubbed or frosteed
Colors: Clear, Anti-insect yellow
Bracket: Stainless steel hanging system