Prada Shop in New York City

Breathing remarkable new life into the old Guggenheim building

In New York, new life has been breathed into the former Guggenheim building, now dressed by Prada, the ready-to-wear designer. The rebirth of the store’s interior was orchestrated by Timothy Archambault and Eric Chang, architects from Rem Koolhaas’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). An unparalleled sensations Store? The term does not begin to describe this extraordinarily unique space. To begin with, the floor slopes across the entire width of the store like a giant wave connecting the two levels. Another unusual feature is the enormous wooden staircase that doubles as a display area. Metal cages displaying Prada creations hang from the ceiling like upturned buildings, giving the feel of a suspended city.

A unique Danpal® atmosphere

The key words to describe this project – unique and unparalleled. The Danpalon atmosphere In this temple to the spirit of the times, Danpalon fulfils a duty to remember: a translucent covering on the building’s original brick wall, it forms ceilings, which provide diffused, intimate lighting the Prada store’s unique atmosphere.